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Our guiding principles of playful design and boundless comfort are second only to our golden principle of sustainability. From the early founding days of Le Nap, we have been strongly committed to combating the problem of environmental stability that is facing our planet.

Luckily, through an extensive search, we found a material that means we don’t have to compromise on any of our values. Tencel Lyocell gives us everything we need to make  soft, sumptuous, timeless sleepwear, with minimal environmental impact.

The benefits of Tencel Lyocell over synthetic fibres, and other natural fibres are endless. Some key outtakes:

- It’s made from pesticide free eucalyptus trees, which need significantly less land and water to produce than cotton

- It’s as soft as silk and machine washable

- It's more breathable than cotton, yet less likely to wrinkle

- It contains absolutely no synthetic fibres whatsoever

- From pulp to fibre, every single step of the journey is certified environmentally friendly

- Like other natural fibres, it manages moisture and helps to regulate your temperature

- You don’t have to worry about colour loss, or it growing scratchy over time. Even when washed regularly

- After decades of use, Tencel Lyocell is compostable and biodegradable. Returning to mother nature with a few stories to tell.