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Our Fabric

It probably comes as no surprise that here at Le Nap we like to dream big. And that meant not leaving a single stone unturned on our mission to find the ideal material for our products. Sure, we’re here to keep you looking radiant and feeling cosy, but we had to find a solution that had Mother Earth’s back, as well as yours, at every point of our journey.

Meet TENCEL™ Modal, one seriously kickass fabric that blows the likes of cotton and synthetic materials out of the water when it comes to sustainability and sleeping comfort. And here are just some of the reasons why.

•    It’s made from beech trees (sustainably sourced, of course)

•    It requires less land and water to produce than cotton

•    It's certified as both compostable and biodegradable, meaning it’s easy to revert back to nature once its life is up

•    It’s as soft as silk yet machine washable (yes, really!)

•    It’s more breathable and is less likely to wrinkle than cotton

•    It stays sumptuously soft and retains its colour even when washed regularly, making it extremely durable long-term

•    It’s certified with the internationally recognised EU Ecolabel, for its low environmental impact.

Our Commitment

We compensate the CO2 footprint of everything we produce. Our care and commitment for our products, the planet and its people doesn’t end at the factory gates. We compensate cradle to grave, which means we work hard to minimise environmental impact throughout a product’s entire lifecycle, from production right through to its disposal. 

Le Nap has been officially awarded CO2-neutral® status thanks to our serious and extensive climate efforts in calculating, reducing and compensating global climate impact (no greenwashing here!). Together with CO2logic we’re investing in projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the globe. You can read more about CO2logic's climate projects here.


We’ll always strive for more when it comes to sustainability

Sustainable fashion still has a long way to go, and we intend on playing a prominent part in the charge towards a more environmentally conscious industry. We’ll never be done with our environmental efforts - we’re always researching new ways to improve our sustainability practices, and we’ll continue to do so.